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Monday, June 28, 2010

Futuristic Rock Glam

Zebra Background
$0.70 -

So after watching the BET 2010 Award show, I was inspired to put together a red carpet look. This look is for any "IT" girl ready to hit the LA scene. As you know, the LA scene is celebrity driven so the motto is "Stay ready, so you don't have to get ready".

I named the set Futuristic Rock Glam because I was inspired by the Spacey, Futuristic styles currently on runways and of course I'm always down for Glam remixed by a lil Rock&Roll.


  1. this is look is hot and sexy too! making a statement with it!! and gets away from the usual black!

  2. The Futurisitc Rock Glam is so hot. I really love that. I can really see it on Beyonce' and/or Kelis. Great look!

  3. SugarScoutCouture have you come acroos any rockin' Christian Louboutin sneakers for a sneaker lover like myself?

  4. This what some of them women need on the red carpet

  5. @Kendel The shoe boutique in Fred Segal carries Louboutin sneakers! I saw a couple styles that were sick. I will send you some info!



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