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Wednesday, October 19, 2011



Images courtesy of BlhackMoon Photography

Bohemian Society was AMAZING! The styling and construction were so well done. I was impressed with this designer. And the show was fun! 

Images courtesy Alex Hallajian

Bryan Hearns was edgy yet sophisticated. The colors were muted and the lines were clean and sleek. There was however, a playful feel in some of the crop tops and mini dresses. This brand is really LA, understated but chic!

Images courtesy of Alex Hallajian

Of course I LOVED the Jen Awad runway show! Not just my jewelry was featured but...because MY JEWELRY WAS FEATURED!!! lol! Ok but, seriously, the bright colors and quirky combinations were really reminiscent of Jen's fun & outrageous personality. If you looked past the X's and bright colors, you'd notice that her construction was impeccable! My favorite pieces were the high waisted pencil skirts..A MA ZING!!

Overall, Concept was fun. The crowd the LA's underground fashion elite. The designers were dope. And the shows were fun.

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