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Thursday, January 5, 2012

"LA, LA Big City of Dreams"

Los Angeles inspires me in so many ways. The skyline is one of the best views in the Country. As a L.A. native, there are so many things from my child hood that are imprints.

The smell of the beach, the sunset, Mexican Food, distressed denim, comfortable Tshirts, the music, street art, the gangsta mentality, marijuana and Palm Trees are the things that remind me of Los Angeles. Marina del Rey on Friday night, Melrose on Saturday, Venice Beach on Sunday, the skating rink and of course Crenshaw Blvd. I didn't grow up on the "Westside". But I was raised in the affluent neighborhood of Baldwin Hills before BET made a television show. Late night Theo on 92.3 FM...

These feelings of endearment for LA overwhelm my heart as I look at the pictures I took as the sun rose on 1/1/2012, the 1st sunrise of the New Year. I'm so prepared for the success, hard work, surprises, growth & laughter that will come this year. Looking at the skyline just heightens my excitement. I had to share with you all!

People always wonder where I get my laid back Cali style, now you know...Y'all flew here, I grew here.

I used to wake up to this view everyday! I can appreciate it much more now that its not apart of my daily routine.


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