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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Last night I had the honor to attend a viewing of Nai Vasha Colette Thomas' photography viewing. The show was amazing. I was overwhelmingly inspired.

I honestly walked into the room with the intentions of just supporting my friend. But, she completely captivated me with her true, honest & compelling words. Her message to the world is be truly authentic. We've heard these words before. But as I stood there and watched her remove her hat, wig, jacket and all her clothes those words had a completely new meaning.

We live in a world that holds us to unfair expectations. We strive to meet these expectations and we lose who we truly are. Some of us wear weaves to fit in. We buy expensive shoes for attention. We hang out with people who don't like us to be "in the circle". And by doing all of lose yourself. Who are YOU? Are you being authentic?


Words from VASHA:

"Embrace your true identity
 Embrace who you are inside"

"Don't be who people expect you to be"

"unveil. unpeel. unclothe. bare.disrobe."

This girl is amazing! If you are interested in her work check out her site:
Also follow her on twitter: @nai_vasha
Instagram: naivasha

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