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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This week has been all kinds of crazy! One of my highlights from the week was being present at Portfolio 360 Melrose as Carlton Jordan interiviewed Somaya Reese of Love & Hip Hop. I was able to chime in with a few questions (blushing). As you all know, Carlton Jordan is "the Black TMZ". So it was so amazing to see him in action!

Ok now let's get to the scoop! Somaya Somaya Somaya!! I have to be honest....I have been team Chrissy since Day 1. So maybe that's why I didn't know Somaya was from LA. (Y'all know I'm so LA! lol) But she's not just from LA, she's from like 54th & Gage LA!! #pow And she used to be a CHOLA!! Ok, I knew none of this.

Considering this is a FASHION blog, I have to start with her make over! She is beautiful! No for real! Gorgeous. She lost a few pounds, she's extremely tall, her hair was beautiful, thick and curly. She wore a printed Roberto Cavalli dress and a  nude round toe pump. I'm often considered a label whore, but I found it refreshing that she wore a comfortable but sexy pump instead of whipping out some name brand shoe just for the interview. True style is knowing how to rock a look without forcing it. She looked great.

I also loved that her new look still highlights her Latina Spicy attitude. She has a huge personality and her new look compliments that look. This particular look was styled by Derek Auguste who has also styled Danity Kane and Fantasia Barrino. Congrats on the NEW LOOK!

During season 2, Somaya spoke about being abused during her dinner with...Considering the conversation was a bit staged and she was comfortable with the guy yet, I think the story lost it's passion. During our conversation, Somaya opened up about being abused at 15 by her 1st boyfriend, her abusive dad, gang banging and being preyed on by people in the music business in the beginning of her career. Seeing the strength in her eyes as she spoke was breathe taking. This chick has really been threw hell and back! But she turned pain into joy and hard times into motivation.

She spends a lot of her time speaking to troubled youth and abused women. She has a non-profit organization that focuses on women, children and young men build their self-esteem. I really commend her for giving back. These are the things that the producers don't show.

What does Somaya have going on now? She just signed a nice deal with a small indie deal with Midi Mafia and is about to start working on her 3rd mixed tape. Check out for the full interview.

And Check out Somaya rocking the Zsa Zsa earrings by Sugar Scout Couture:


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